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Reaction to State Farm Insignia/Logo Glass Policy Continues; State Farm to Address at Upcoming IGA Conference
April 21, 2009

The industry and its related segments continue to react to State Farm's announcement regarding the addition of insignia/logo glass language to its automotive policy. Yesterday, the Independent Glass Association (IGA) announced that it "cannot support State Farm in its latest policy directive targeted at shops on the Offer and Acceptance program."

"The IGA believes that this policy directive is plainly not in the best interests of consumers, who are customers of our members and policyholders of State Farm," read a Beacon bulletin from the IGA.

IGA vice president Bandi Hantke of Rockford Auto Glass, says one concern is the confusion this might add.

"I anticipate that what [this policy is] going to do is shift additional administrative time on the part of the glass shop and complicate the process, add layers of confusion, and ultimately, be a disservice to the vehicle owner, which is our true and actual customer," he says.

Though he hasn't had a State Farm customer ask for logo or insignia glass since the policy went into effect last Thursday, Hantke says that he has discovered in the past this is very important to many consumers.

"For example, Mopar owners are kind of cultish, and they like Mopar glass—the same goes for some Ford owners," he says. "[And it's] not just in the high-end vehicles, which is what everyone thinks of off the bat. For example, the people that have the Ford F-150 logo or the Harley Davidson logos in their glass want to keep their vehicles in the same condition."

He adds, "I expect this to be a huge problem. It's not a regular or daily problem, but certainly is a problem when it comes up."

Vehicle manufacturers that supply the logo glass do not seem to be any more pleased about the policy.

" ... at least on the windshields, this will definitely affect [us]," says Augie Oliveri, collision wholesale product line manager for Mopar.

He adds, "We work closely with State Farm, because on the collision side of the business they choose OE parts, so I don't know why it would be different on the glass side."

Due to the confusion in the industry regarding this topic, the IGA has added a seminar regarding the changes to its upcoming Independents' Days Conference and Spring Auto Glass Show™. State Farms claims team manager Melissa Kerns has agreed to speak on Thursday, May 14, at 8:30 a.m.

"We truly value State Farm taking time to address our membership," says Dave Zoldowski, IGA president. "IGA has concerns and would like to clear the air for everyone's benefit."

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