State Farm Issues Reminder Memo about Reports of Glass Claims
May 18, 2009

State Farm Insurance issued a memo last week that it says is a "reminder" to Offer & Acceptance program participants that "the State Farm customer must be on the initial phone call to verify important loss-related information."

"It's okay for the shop to call into LYNX with the customer on the line," says State Farm spokesperson Jeff McCollum, "but we just need to have that conversation with them. Due diligence on our part, really.

He adds, "It's what any customer with any claim would need to do. You know, a contractor can't just call us up and say he is rebuilding a policyholder's house after a fire without us first talking to the homeowner."

The memo went out on May 14 from Jason Backe, interim claim section manager. In the memo, Backe also notes that, "if a retailer attempts to report a glass loss to LYNX Services without the presence of the State Farm customer, the LYNX Services representative will advise that neither the loss information can be taken nor the dispatch completed without the presence of the State Farm customer."

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