State Farm Announces Top 10 States with Most Hail Losses
April, 19, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

Wind and hail can cause havoc with auto glass. According to State Farm, wind and hail damage claims cost more than $3.9 billion in 2012 and Texas came in as the top state for damage.

While hail storms more frequently impact the Great Plains and Midwest, all states are susceptible, State Farm officials report.

The company's top 10 states for damage are:

Texas: 47,000 claims
Illinois: 41,000 claims
New York: 34,000 claims
Ohio: 31,000 claims
Missouri: 25,000 claims
Tennessee: 24,000 claims
Indiana: 23,000 claims
Indiana: 23,000 claims
New Jersey: 23,000 claims
Kentucky: 22,000 claims
Colorado: 16,000 claims

Though a State Farm spokesperson could not cull out hail-related auto glass damage specifically from the data, she says hail storms can occur suddenly and there isn't always much a customer can do to avoid damage.

As a hailstorm approaches, Amy Preddy, a State Farm media specialist, recommends putting vehicles in the garage.

A State Farm map of most common claims per state is available here.

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