Protective Order Requested in Sexual Harassment Suit Involving Safelite
October 24, 2011

Both the plaintiffs and defendants in a sexual harassment case filed against Safelite last August have filed a joint motion with the court to obtain a protective order and seal certain documents and information expected to be forthcoming in the case.

The joint motion was filed by a group that included the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which originally brought forth the complaint, along with former employee Lee Laraviere-Steele and her husband, Darrell Steele, who have joined the suit as intervenor plaintiffs, along with defendants Safelite and Gregory Byrd, Laraviere-Steele’s former supervisor at the company’s Enfield, N.C., facility.

The parties request the protective order apply to confidential information, as deemed so by each party that produces the information, be limited to “attorneys of record in this matter for the undersigned parties, the support and clerical personnel of those attorneys, court reporters at the proceedings in this action, and expert consultant(s), if any.”

However, the joint motion recommends that the protective order, if enstated, not affect “the admissibility of evidence at trial and or any preliminary evidentiary proceeding, except as directed by separate order entered for good cause shown.”

The protective order also would require that at the end of the case, all confidential information be returned to the producing party in the case.

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