Safelite Employee Urges Judge to Dismiss Sexual Harassment Suit
December 7, 2011

The Enfield, N.C.-based employee named in a sexual harassment suit filed against both him and Safelite, has asked a federal judge to dismiss the case with summary judgment. The motion for summary judgment by Gregory Byrd comes more than a  year after the suit was filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

In the suit, former employee, Lee Laraviere-Steele, alleges that the company and Byrd “discriminated against [her] by subjecting her to a sexually hostile work environment because of her sex, and by discharging [her] in retaliation for complaining about her sexually hostile work environment." Her husband, Darrell Steele, claims he suffered loss of consortium as a result of the alleged events.

Byrd alleges that Laraviere-Steele “did not raise a complaint to human resources about any alleged harassment until after her discharge.” He also says that she has testified in depositions that “the alleged harassment did not take place on a frequent basis and admitted that she did not always find Byrd’s alleged comments to be offensive.”

With regard to Laraviere-Steele’s claims that the alleged harassment caused her emotional distress, Byrd’s counsel says that she has not provided any medical documentation of any disabling emotional or medical condition.

He continues, “ … And the physical symptoms she alleges—crying, worrying, having trouble sleeping and loss of appetite—do not rise to the level of severe and disabling as a matter of law.”

Byrd accompanied his motion for summary judgment with hundreds of pages of depositions from several related to the suit, including Laraviere-Steele, Rich Glover, assistant vice president of manufacturing and distribution for Safelite, and operations manager Tony Roach.

The EEOC filed the original suit on August 6, 2010, and Laraviere-Steele and Steele were added as plaintiffs earlier this year.

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