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Techna Glass to Hold AGTO Qualifier This Saturday

Techna Glass is holding its own "feeder" competition for the Fourth Annual Auto Glass Technician Competition (AGTO) this Saturday, July 12, at the Rocky Mountain Raceway in Salt Lake City. The event will serve as a pre-qualification competition for the AGTO, which will be held November 7-8, 2008, at the Mandalay Bay ConventionCenter in Las Vegas. (CLICK HERE for more information on the AGTO.)

Travis Crebs, who is competing in this Techna Glass' first qualifying competition, competed in the 2007 AGTO as well.

The company chose its contestants via a company-wide application process in which the top six applicants were picked based on experience, customer service skills and quality of their work.

Bob Beranek and Jay Beranek of Automotive Glass Consultants Inc. in Sun Prairie, Wis., will judge the competition, and judging criteria is based on the same as that of the AGTO. (CLICK HERE for the criteria.)

The first- and second-place winners of the Techna Glass competition will receive an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to compete in the AGTO. The first-place winner also will receive $1,000 in tools of his choice. In addition, Techna Glass has its own "Techna Glass Cup," on which it plans to engrave first-place winners' names each year-beginning with this competition.

The second- and third-place winners will receive $750 and $500, respectively, in tools. The third-place winner also will serve as an alternate in the event that first- or second-place is unable to attend the AGTO.

"I was very impressed with the 2007 AGTO," says Troy Mason, owner and president of Techna Glass. "It was our first year participating and I have to admit that it exceeded all of my expectations. I was so excited that I immediately started planning for our own qualifying event for 2008."

CLICK HERE for more information about the AGTO.

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Following is the roster of technicians for the Techna Glass competition.

Techna Glass Contestants

Name Title Years In Industry Years with Techna Glass Experience
Travis Crebs

Store Manager, Taylorsville, Utah

15 11 Crebs is responsible for the development of the company's training program for the competition and competed in the 2007 AGTO.
Gary Sorenson

Store Manager,
Provo, Utah

29 4 Sorenson handles operations at the company's Provo facility, and also coordinates its mobile operations throughout Central Utah.
Josh Call

Store Manager,
Ogden, Utah

8 5 Call handles the operations of the company's Ogden facility and also coordinates its mobile operations in Northern Utah.
Rick Maciel

Taylorsville, Utah

16 16 Maciel was one of the company's first employees. He began handling rock chip repairs at the company's shop in Salt Lake City.
Cody Cox

Mobile Installer,
Provo, Utah

11 3 Cox handles mobile installations throughout Central and Southern Utah.
Rick Winters

Mobile Installer,
Salt Lake Valley, Utah

11 2 Winters handles mobile installations along the Wasatch Front in Utah, and is what Mason calls an "elite technician."


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