Techna Glass Raises Funds for Midwest Tornado Relief
May 24, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

After witnessing the devastation that occurred in Moore, Okla., and surrounding communities, Troy Mason, president of Techna Glass, says 18 of the company's Utah locations participated in a fundraiser earlier this week, raising $1,100 to support Midwest tornado relief.

The fundraiser kicked off at the company's Sandy, Utah, location, where Techna Glass had a local radio personality on-site for a live radio broadcast.

"Rod Arquette did his talk show on KNRS 570 am from the lobby of our Techna Glass location in Sandy, Utah," Mason says.

"We did hundreds of rock chip repairs [throughout the state]," he explains. "Many people paid more than full price for the repairs. Some paid $50 to $100 even though we only charge $20. They did this because they knew the proceeds were going to charity."

The funds raised will be donated to Mercury One and 100 percent will go to supporting tornado victims.

Travis Mecham, Techna Glass vice president, says his team discovered the charity after listening to Glenn Beck on the radio discussing a trip to Oklahoma with Mercury One.

"We knew that the listeners of the station were informed about the charity and that 100 percent of their donations would go to the Oklahoma relief support," says Mecham.

Mason notes that the company now plans to choose a new charity each month to support as a part of the monthly radio broadcast.

"Our goal was to help as many people as we can, as quickly as we can," Mason adds. "We are gratified with the generosity of our customers to respond to those impacted by this disaster in Oklahoma."

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