Tornado Destroys Montana Auto Glass Shop
June 21, 2010

A tornado that struck the town of Billings, Mont., yesterday, removed the roof from Fas-Break Auto Glass, leaving only its walls standing after the storm was complete. Two of the company's vehicles also were destroyed.

"This is Montana—we don't get tornadoes," said Kevin Massick, owner of the business, in an interview with™/AGRR magazine this morning.

Massick's family was preparing for a barbecue at his home in Billings, about 2 miles from the store location, when he said he began to see dark clouds forming in the sky, followed by hail.

"My brother called me as he was driving to our home and he was going by the metro, a big civic center and concert hall, and he said, 'the roof is off the metro hall,'" Massick said. (The storm had removed the roof of the town's sports arena, the MetraPark expo center, as well.)

Shortly after, the tornado also struck his business, removing its roof and destroying two of the company's vehicles.

"[The building] was six years old," said Massick. "It's been our project for life. It was a tough night last night."

Massick remains optimistic, though.

"It will [all work out]," he said. "I've got a good staff."

For those who may wish to contact Massick, he can be reached by e-mail at

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