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U.S. Travel Continues to Remain Low in 2009; Down 3.1 Percent for January
April 3, 2009

U.S. travel was down 3.1 percent from the previous year in January 2009—a drop of 7 billion vehicle miles. In January 2008, 229.5 billion miles were driven-compared with 222.4 billion miles driven in January 2009 throughout the United States.

As gas prices started to raise slightly again, travel continued downward from December 2008, during which 237.0 billion miles were driven across the United States-a drop of 6.2 percent.

Travel was also down for each region of the country from January 2008, with the largest plummet seen in the North-Central region-a drop of 6 percent.

Estimated Miles Driven by Region Total Miles Traveled in January 2008 Total Miles Traveled in January 2009 Percentage Change
Northeast 34,438* 32,487 -5.7
South-Atlantic 50,799 49,328 -2.9
North-Central 51,524 48,432 -6.0
South-Gulf 46,392 45,781 -1.3
West 46,323 46,418 -0.2
Total 229.5 billion 222.4 billion -3.1

*All figures are in millions except for totals.

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