AGRSS Registration Absolves Montana Glass Shop in Recent Case, Shop Owner Reports
November 3, 2009

When Jeff Tribble, owner of J&D Auto Glass in Missoula, Mont., received a call for a windshield replacement on a 1971 Mercedes, he knew his technician had a bit of a drive ahead of him—about 90 miles away from the company's headquarters. But he likely didn't expect what happened next.

"Once he cut the windshield out, he saw that there was a bunch of bathtub caulking, rust and leftover bond from whoever put it in before, which we later found out was a bodyshop," says Tribble.

"He explained to the customer that it needed to go back to the bodyshop," Tribble told™/AGRR magazine.

The technician left the vehicle there, sans windshield, and moved on-but this wasn't the last time he encountered the vehicle.

"We got a call from the gentleman who was paying for [the installation], and he said we didn't know what we were doing, and told us he was taking us to court," recalls Tribble. The customer sued the company for removing the windshield and not putting a new one in.

The technician arrived in court with the removed windshield in-hand-and some of the bathtub caulking he'd saved when he stripped it off of the Mercedes.

That part of the case lasted about 10 minutes, Tribble says, when the judge saw what the technician showed him.

"We explained to the judge that we're AGRSS-registered and that we can't install windshields under certain conditions," Tribble says. He says they also explained that the AGRSS Standard offers documentation that the installation would have been unsafe, and the judge removed the charges against the shop.

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