Two ASA Executives Step Down in Light of Discovery of Alleged Theft
May 14, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

The Automotive Service Association (ASA), which sponsors the International Autobody Congress & Exposition, recently uncovered alleged employee theft, according to Dan Risley, ASA interim executive director. In light of this discovery, Ron Pyle, president, and Mark Hale, vice president of finance, stepped down, although they had nothing directly to do with the thefts.

"Pyle's contract was going to expire at the end of this year," says Risley. "It was unlikely that the board was going to renew it. He stepped down in order to allow a quicker transition to new leadership. We have not identified a permanent replacement for Mark Hale."

The indentified individual involved in the alleged theft was terminated "with cause" earlier this year, according to an ASA statement.

An administrative assistant with access to company credit cards is responsible for the alleged theft, Risley explains.

"She used the company card for unauthorized purchases," Risley says. "Due to the ongoing investigation, we can't release the individual's name. The board and staff were unsettled when they heard the news. As the news sunk in, all of us felt betrayed. The investigation is pending. We are continuing to work with the proper authorities to provide all of the information they've requested."

The association has insurance coverage, which compensated the ASA per the policy.

"We've implemented additional checks and balances in our standard operating procedures," says Risley. "We've limited access [to our credit cards] and provided stricter controls over our financials and reporting.

The NACE Expo will not be impacted by the alleged theft, according to Risley.

"Hanley Wood produces the show and they have a separate account to manage those funds," he says.

He calls the alleged theft "an unfortunate situation."

"The board of directors and ASA are looking forward to moving past this and concentrating on the success of our future," he says.

Risley joined the association in March as executive vice president. Pyle joined the national staff in July 2002 and assumed the role of president in November 2002. The announcement that Risley was taking over as interim executive director came out in late April.

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