Two More Insurance Companies Requiring Inspections
May 2, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

American Family Insurance and Encompass have joined the ranks of insurance companies requiring inspections prior to authorization given for auto glass repair and replacement claims via outside networks, according to reports from™ readers.

Dora O'Brien, owner of Long Star Auto Glass in Coolidge, Ariz., says both American Family Insurance and Encompass are now requiring inspections prior to authorization of repair and replacement. She says Safelite processes claims for both American Family and Encompass.

"It started with American Family Insurance with us and in the last eight or so months it now involves several other companies that Safelite processes glass claims for," says O'Brien.

"Most recently, our first Encompass insured was told he will need to have a random inspection. He has a vehicle that requires a windshield that is only available through the dealer," she adds.

She says this is hurting business.

"We feel so bad for our long-standing customers, not to mention what this is doing to our business," O'Brien continues.
When contacted for a response, Steve Witmer of American Family Insurance says the company "respectfully decline[s]" to comment.

Safelite's spokesperson says it's the company's policy not to comment on the proprietary glass programs of clients.
Meanwhile, Encompass had not yet responded to request for comment at press time.

If your customers have been required to undergo inspections, please email with details. Also, to share your thoughts on inspections, visit the related AGRR™ forum thread here.

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