UNITED KINGDOM — Auto Windscreens Reportedly Closes After Nearly Two Weeks in Administration
February 25, 2011

Deloitte LLP, which was appointed as administrator of the United Kingdom-based Auto Windscreens last week, announced this afternoon that it would be closing the company after nearly two weeks as administrator, according to local reports. The company was placed in administration on February 14, after it “received a winding up petition from a large creditor and also had notice from one of its major customers that it was terminating the contract, according to its administrator, Deloitte.

Admiral Insurance had announced in December 2010 that it had awarded a three-year contract to Auto Windscreens, but just a month later—in January—the company announced a three-year contract with a competitor, National Windscreens (also based in the United Kingdom).

Last Friday, Deloitte officials said they had received “a number of enquiries from parties expressing interest in the Auto Windscreens business.”

According to information from Deloitte, Auto Windscreens “had been implementing a major operational improvement plan, changing the business model to deliver significant operational efficiencies.”

"However, delays in implementation of the IT systems, coupled with lower than anticipated revenues in the final quarter of 2010, had led to cash flow pressures,” wrote Deloitte upon taking the role of administrator. “The company had been in extensive discussions with a large number of interested parties to provide the funding required to recapitalize the business. However, before a recapitalization could be agreed, the company received a winding up petition from a large creditor and also had notice from one of its major customers that it was terminating the contract.”

Auto Windscreens has been known for its innovation, and had introduced an iPhone app—the first of its kind—that could check windshield chips for repairability last year.

Though the UK’s Insurance Times that a company called Trifords Limited has acquired the company’s brand name, glassBYTEs.com™/AGRR magazine has not been able to confirm this. Officials from Deloitte had not yet responded to request for comment, and had not posted an updated statement at press time.

Auto Windscreens had 68 locations in the United Kingdom and 550 mobile units, a distribution center in Aston, Birmingham, and a central call center headquartered in Chesterfield, and employed around 1,100. The company was headquartered in Chesterfield, and employs around 1,100.

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