United Kingdom-Based Insurance Group Purchases “Certain Auto Windscreens Assets”
February 28, 2011

The United Kingdom-based Markerstudy Group has purchased “certain Auto Windscreens assets,” according to Jamie Harley, head of media relations for Deloitte LLP. Deloitte was appointed administrator for the United Kingdom-based auto glass repair and replacement chain on February 14.

“Markerstudy Group has bought certain Auto Windscreens assets, including the freehold properties and 19 of the leasehold properties,” says Harley.

It had been rumoured late last week that Trifords Ltd., a part of Markerstudy Group, had purchased the United Kingdom-based Auto Windscreens brand name, and the Auto Windscreens website now notes that it is copyrighted by “Trifords Limited T/A Auto Windscreens.” At press time, representatives from Markerstudy had not responded to requests for comment.

The Markerstudy Group is “a privately owned composite financial services organization that owns several insurer divisions,” according to its website.

Though the Auto Windscreens website went back up on Friday (it had featured the administration notice from Deloitte LLP since February 14), the company cannot be reached by phone; as of this morning, the main company phone line rang continually with no answer nor voicemail. On Friday, Auto Windscreens’ approximately 1,100 employees reportedly were told they would be let go after the company had failed to find a buyer after two weeks in administration.

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