UNITED KINGDOM — Auto Windscreens’ Fleet Manager Rewarded for Act of Bravery
June 3, 2011

Auto Windscreens’ fleet manager, Andy Gray, recently was recognized for his bravery in saving a drowning man from death. The incident occurred in the River Rother at Somersall Park, Chesterfield, in April 2010. 

Gray was recognized by the Derbyshire Police during an awards ceremony and was presented a Royal Humane Society award.

According to a press release from Auto Windscreens, Gray and his wife were walking through the park on April 27, 2010, when they saw someone pointing to a man laying face down in the river.

“We swam into the river and dragged him up the river bank whilst my wife called the emergency services,” says Gray. “It was evident that the man was not breathing, his face was blue and covered in mud. We turned him on his back, cleared his airways and administered chest compressions. Eventually there was a gurgle and a splutter and the man started to breathe. We put him in the recovery position and kept him conscious until the emergency services arrived.”

The man was taken to hospital and was released a few days later after reaching a full recovery.

“We are all extremely proud of Andy Gray and delighted that his bravery has been recognized publicly,” adds Nigel Davies, managing director of Auto Windscreens.

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