Are UK Trends Foreshadowing the Future of Auto Glass?
January 9, 2013

by Kaitlan Mitchell,

As global auto glass conglomerates continue to expand abroad, North American auto glass shops can gauge industry trends by looking on a worldwide scale. Recent news coming out of the UK may be a sign of things to come. An international shift U.S. glass shops should note is the dynamic of industry third-party relationships such as the recent partnerships between Belron subsidiary Autoglass®'s recent announcement with insurance partner Aviva.

Autoglass has recently announced its agreement to work with Aviva to offer policyholders loyalty benefits at the point of service. According to the company website, Aviva is the "UK's largest insurer and one of Europe's leading provider of life and general insurance, with 36,600 employees serving 43 million customers worldwide."

The partnership permits Autoglass technicians to use their personal digital assistants (PDA) to print a loyalty discount on home insurance for Aviva direct car insurance customers having their vehicle glass repaired or replaced, states an Autoglass release. The offer is highlighted at the bottom of their PDA receipt printed immediately after the service has taken place.

"At Aviva we value our customers. Autoglass has been a trusted supplier for many years thanks to its excellent customer service," says Heather Smith, marketing director at Aviva in a company press release. "The PDA scheme allows us to build on policyholder satisfaction by offering loyalty benefits at the point of service."

"We've seen that a positive customer experience with Autoglass often leads to a customer renewing or upgrading their existing insurance policy, as well as considering the insurer's other product offerings more favorably," says Andre May, sales and marketing director at Autoglass. "As one of our longest-standing insurance partners, we wanted to provide Aviva with not only consistently positive customer claims experiences, but with a valuable touch-point previously unavailable."

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