Utah Auto Glass Veteran Opens Car Museum
January 27, 2012

by Katie O'Mara, komara@glass.com

Jerry Woodward has always been fascinated with cars, even at a young age. Starting at the age of eight, Woodward spent much of his childhood in his father’s auto glass shop in Kansas. He spent so much time there that eventually, after a move to Utah, the shop became known as Ace & Jerry’s Auto Glass in honor of Jerry and his father, Ace.

“I started learning about cars around eight or nine years old when I would go into my father’s shop after school,” says Woodward. “I learned so much about cars from him. I built my first car when I was 15 from the frame up.”

Now Woodward is taking his passion to the people. He has opened an automotive museum full of the unique cars that he built with his own hands. The museum is located next door to his auto glass shop.

“About 15 years ago I decided to have this museum on the west half of the building and it was there for about two or three years,” recalls Woodward. “People seemed to really like it. I thought I would get the vehicles out of this large garage in Orem [Utah] and open up the museum again. I think we will have quite a few people coming through.”

Woodward says he included several vintage vehicles with unique auto glass in the museum including the Thunder Rod II and the Vortex X-2000, also known as the “car of the next century.” The Vortex went on to win a 1963 Grand National Open Roadster Show award.

 “The car of the next century is a three-wheel vehicle ... ,” says Woodward. “It has a windshield that had to be curved. I made it narrower at the top to incorporate it into this body I was building it for.”

Woodward’s work extended beyond his own creations.

“All through the years, since I was involved in building these unusual cars, people wanted me to work on their vehicles so they would come around and I would help them by cutting glass for them,” he recalls. “It sure made me a lot of friends.”

Woodward, now 81 years old and retired, has since passed his auto glass business on to his two sons, but still has that same passion for cars that started at eight years old in an auto glass shop.

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