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VehicleGARD Glass Protection Film Added Deterrent vs. Break-in, Theft Customized "Peel and Stick" Kit Ideal for Fleet Car Security

November 30, 2006 - Atlanta, GA. - ShatterGARD, the global leader in glass protection systems, announced the immediate availability of VehicleGARD, a new optically clear "peel and stick" window film kit that transforms ordinary automotive glass into a virtually impenetrable security and safety shield. VehicleGARD multiplies glass strength, preventing property theft and injuries during car jackings, attempted break-ins and violent attacks.

The VehicleGARD system boosts security and safety of the vehicle without the expense or downtime of replacing the existing windows with costly ballistic type glass. Customers simply provide their vehicle make and model. The vehicle window dimensions are then linked with the ShatterGARD cutting system to produce the custom cut peel and stick glass protection kits. Self-Installed kits are available with the pre-cut film, an instructional video and application tools necessary to ensure a proper fit even for a novice. Most VehicleGARD kits can be installed in less than three hours. Professional installations are available upon request. Typical vehicle kits start at $999.00. Fleet discounts are available.

VehicleGARD "peel and stick" kits are widely used by the U.S. military where field installations are often done in remote (and often classified) locations without the convenience of an installation facility. More than 5,000 military vehicles in Iraq have been retrofitted in this manner; offering troops greater security against deadly glass injuries generated by explosive devices.

VehicleGARD is an extremely affordable product that offers life-long benefits. It may be used to enhance security for corporate executives, high-profile celebrities and public figures. It essentially adds a rugged membrane to the vehicle window without inhibiting its normal operation or optical clarity. While a criminal may muster enough force to shatter the window, it will require repeated (and attention getting) blows to penetrate the film. The film also prevents shattering or spalling even if the glass itself breaks. Each kit costs up to 75% less than other protective glass surfaces, and may even lower insurance rates.

VehicleGARD window films filter up to 98% of harmful UV radiation, protecting vehicle interiors and sensitive equipment. Tinted versions of the film provide privacy and can reduce glare and heat infiltration by up to 45%. The product is scratch resistant and will not yellow or distort over time. VehicleGARD also carries a six-year limited warranty.

For more information, contact Jordan Frankel at ShatterGARD at, or visit the company's website at Tel: 1-888-306-7998. ShatterGARD's corporate headquarters is located at 3065 McCall Dr., Ste 3, Doraville, GA 30340

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