Ventura County Grants $1 Million to Reducing Insurance Fraud
October 16, 2012

Ventura, Calif., insurance commissioner Dave Jones and Ventura district attorney Gregory Totten have announced $1 million in grant money that will go to the district attorney's (DA) office to battle auto insurance and worker's compensation fraud. The DA's office plans to use the funds to aid in the investigation and prosecution of potentially false claims.

"I am pleased to announce $1 million in grants to the Ventura district attorney to fight workers' compensation and auto insurance fraud," says Jones. "Auto insurance fraud drives up the price of auto insurance for consumers."

Totten adds, "This office continues to aggressively prosecute this very costly form of fraud. The conduct of these criminals creates a financial burden that is ultimately paid by individual citizens as businesses pass these costs on to the consumer in the form of higher prices for goods and services."

Of the $1 million grant, the DA plans to use $345, 955 in investigating and prosecuting fraudulent auto insurance claims in 2013.

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