Vitro Sees Auto Glass Replacement as Key Growth Area
May 10, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

Vitro officials say the auto glass replacement market is a key area for the company's growth going forward.

The Mexican-based company recently announced plans to invest more than $146 million back into the company to increase the melting capacity in automotive glass, as well as other areas.

"One out of every two cars in Mexico has automotive glass supplied by Vitro," says Roberto Riva Palacio, corporate communications and social responsibility executive with the company. "We have a clear vision for the auto glass market.

"Our automotive industry sales in 2012 were driven by an increase of 12.2 percent in the original equipment manufacturer market, while sales in automotive glass replacement remained stable, growing 0.2 percent in the year, due mainly to the approach of our capacities to supply the original equipment segment during the year," he adds. "However, the automotive glass replacement market shows growth opportunities in the short term."

Looking to the near term, he says the company's flat glass business unit will "focus on the automotive business growth both in Mexico and in the U.S., where it remains one of the few competitors certified by different assembly plants to have the available capacity to meet customer needs."

He says the auto industry surpassed the existing stabilization expectations last year.

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