Scratch Removal Proves Popular at Vitrum in Italy
November 4, 2011

The 17th international Vitrum exhibition was held at the Rho Fiera Milano in Milan, Italy.

Scratch removal was a popular topic at the recent Vitrum event in Milan, Italy, according to GlasWeld general manager Dennis Garbutt, who was there with two European GlasWeld distributors, GlasWeld UK and GlasWeld Europe.

"People in this economy seem to really be interested in saving money," said Garbutt.

While scratch removal is not new to the European market, Garbutt pointed out that it still attracted a crowd.

"We've had the product in the marketplace for a dozen years, but I think maybe they're late adopters," he said. "Every time we'd start a demonstration there'd be 30 people in the booth. Many seemed to be unaware of the process but interested in it."

The crowds at Vitrum also went far beyond Europe, said Garbutt. "I also saw quite a few [people] from South America, Turkey, and several from the Eastern Bloc," he said. "It was a pretty good mix."

The company also displayed its windshield repair and headlight restoration systems, but Garbutt said he found scratch removal to be the most popular.

"This really is a flat glass show, and both [our distributors] and I felt that the traffic volume was really good and the traffic quality was really good," he said.

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