Auto Glass Waste Finds New Purpose
April 30, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

Plano, Texas-based company Glass Recycled has found a new way to give used auto glass a second life in the form of countertops, flooring and home décor. The company works with a recycling company, Strategic Materials, to take in used and broken glass and process that into material that can be re-used.

“We are trying to reach out to major vehicle manufacturers and encourage them to reuse what they throw away,” says founder Tim Whaley. “It is a way for them to show responsibility. What do they do with their waste?”

Whaley explains that this type of recycling is an opportunity for auto glass shops to show their environmental responsibility as well.
“Take the responsibility that if you throw it away, you make the effort to bring it back in a new light, instead of just sending it to a landfill,” says Whaley.

In addition, with the help of Glass Recycled, auto glass shops can bring a piece of environmental awareness back into their shop by re-installing used auto glass as countertops—a definite conversation starter with customers.

“Our typical countertop for vanities or conference rooms is one inch thick and about 15 pounds per square foot. 80 percent of that weight is the glass itself. 20 percent is made up of an epoxy resin that is incorporated with the glass,” says Whaley. “We mix it all together and hand trowel that onto a floor that has been waxed. It will become hard within about 48 hours and we grind it and polish it and send that flat stock material to a fabricator to cut, size and install it.”

The company uses both windshields and tinted sidelites for recycling and repurposing.

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