East Coast Flat Glass Plants Prepare for Hurricane Sandy
October 29, 2012

by Kaitlan Mitchell, kmitchell@glass.com

In anticipation of Hurricane Sandy's arrival, more than 7,000 flights have been canceled and mass transit in D.C. and N.Y. has been shutdown. As the East coast braces itself for Hurricane Sandy's 11-foot storm surge and estimated 85-mph winds, flat glass plants located within Sandy's 900-mile reach also take special precautions.

"Today we are not running trucks into the critical areas impacted with the storm which would be the beach, north of D.C., Baltimore and the surrounding areas," says Ed Lemley the Richmond branch manager at AGC Glass Company North America. "We were able to work the morning shift today but with storm coming upon us this evening, for safety reasons, we kept employees home for the second shift. I do anticipate getting back into normal operations this afternoon if the storm is fairly well past us."

The following AGC plants will be closed due to inclement weather:
AGC - Quakertown, Pa. plant is closed today and tomorrow.
AGC - Fall River, Mass. plant is closing at noon today and probably will be closed tomorrow.
AGC - Carbondale, Pa. is open today, but expecting to be closed tomorrow.
AGC - Richmond, Va. deliveries were limited to local routes today. All deliveries for Tuesday have been cancelled. Normal delivery schedules are anticipated for Wednesday.

"Customers are being called and emailed regarding changes in service, branch closings, etc," says Alice Dickerson sales and marketing programs manager of AGC. "However, we are discovering many customers are already closed and not responding. Safety comes first during an event of this nature - the safety of our employees commuting to and from work, as well as our ability to safely service our customers. When changes are made, it is a priority to inform our customers as quickly as possible."

Tell us how you are preparing for Hurricane Sandy here.

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