Xinyi Glass to Open Environmentally Friendly Glass R&D Center in Hong Kong
May 19, 2009

Xinyi Glass Holdings Ltd. is opening a research and development center devoted to producing environmentally friendly glass in Hong Kong. One of the center's focuses will be on developing energy-saving and heat-reflective auto glass products. It will also develop solar products and low-E glass.

"We are setting up the R&D centre in Hong Kong because, as a company based in Hong Kong, we hope to be able to fully capitalize on the unique edge of Hong Kong as an international city in alignment with the world to attract local and international talents," says Yin Yee Lee, chairman of Xinyi Glass. "This move will speed up development of the group, allowing it to develop new energy and energy saving and other environmentally friendly glass products that match the roll out of government policies to promote use of solar energy in China."

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