Xinyi and Saint-Gobain Reach Settlement in Patent Infringement Case
August 10, 2010

Xinyi Glass and Saint-Gobain have entered into a settlement agreement in the ongoing patent infringement suit, according to court documents filed today in the case. Under the terms of the settlement “all proceedings will be terminated shortly, without admission of any infringement liability on either side,” according to a statement filed with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and also filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

As part of the settlement, the statement notes that Xinyi Automobile Glass and Saint-Gobain Glass France S.A. “have entered into license agreements on other patents of Saint-Gobain for the use by the Group for its production and sales purposes.”

The statement provided to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is noted as from the desk of Yin Yee Lee, Xinyi Glass Holdings chair.

A U.S. District Court had found Xinyi Glass guilty of patent infringement toward Saint Gobain late last year and had calculated the damages at approximately $24 million this April. The suit focused on two Saint-Gobain patents, titled "Spacer for Windshield Bracket," and "Method of Centering Windshield Glazings."

Saint-Gobain had filed a motion seeking an expedited discovery in early July, in hopes of identifying Xinyi's assets, but recently withdrew that motion, citing both the settlement dicussions and Xinyi's alleged agreement to provide a letter of credit in early August.

Saint-Gobain issued a statement the day after the court documents were filed.

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