Zeledyne Installs Cutting System at Tulsa Plant
June 10, 2009

Zeledyne LLC is installing a new cutting system at its plant in Tulsa, Okla. The company expects to complete the installation by early August.

"This $4 million investment at our Tulsa Plant represents a significant commitment to this plant and our manufacturing capability in general," says Michael McCarney, Zeledyne CEO. "This system will provide greater flexibility and responsiveness to our customers' needs, while enhancing efficiency within the plant."

The cutting system, designed and installed by Hegla, can process up to 40 million square feet per year.

"This installation gives us greater capability, just as we are starting to see some stabilization in the architectural glass market," added McCarney. "This positions Zeledyne well for the anticipated recovery in this segment later this year."

Zeledyne recently also re-built its T-2 float glass line, on which it resumed production in May.

Initially, the system will be used for architectural glass, according to Zeledyne spokesperson Della Dipietro.

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