A Sad Day for One Auto Glass Manufacturer
August 1, 2011

Zeledyne, which was founded just three short years ago and sold its Nashville, Tenn., auto glass plant to Carlex earlier this year, has ceased production at its two remaining plants in Tulsa, Okla., and Juarez, Mexico.

Company officials had told glassBYTEs.com™/AGRR™ magazine that the Tulsa plant would close sometime this summer if a buyer was not found, as its main customer, Ford, recently pulled its business from the plant.

“The last day of production was last Friday,” says spokesperson Della DiPietro. “About 200 were working in the plant on Friday. As of today, a few dozen are working on maintenance projects.”

While the plant’s operations have come to a close, DiPietro says officials “are in discussions to sell the plant.”

In addition, Zeledyne’s other remaining plant in Juarez, Mexico, ended production in June, according to DiPietro.

Zeledyne was formed in 2008 when Tulsa-based investor Robert Price purchased the former Automotive Components Holdings (ACH) glass business and plants from Ford Motor Co. ACH had been created as a temporary business structure by Ford to hold and manage 17 plants that it acquired in October 2005 from Visteon Corp., according to information from Ford.

In 2009, Zeledyne invested $4 million in the Tulsa plant for a new cutting system, and rebuilt its T-2 float glass line there.

The company exited the commercial glass business in January 2010, but had maintained its auto glass operations until the recent closures.

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