AGRSS Conference Sessions Highlight Group's Work

The first-ever Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS™) Conference, sponsored by the AGRSS Council at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Sunday and Monday of this week, highlighted the progress the group is making.
Among the seminar topics covered at the conference was an explanation of the new phase 2 self-audit program which is been put into effect this month. Carl Tompkins, AGRSS credentialing chairperson, went through the procedure step by step explaining what the new program means for participants.

Tompkins, who is celebrating his 29th year in the industry, told attendees, "Our goal from the start was to raise the professionalism of the industry. Safety is not a competitive issue. AGRSS is a tool for us to fulfill our moral responsibilities to provide consumers with safe auto glass installations."

The standard defines the right job, Tompkins explained. The registration program identifies who does the right job, he added. Tompkins predicted that the insurance companies are going to recognize that companies which are AGRSS registered are a better buy even if the price they charge is higher. Currently 377 companies representing nearly 1,500 locations are registered with AGRSS.

In explaining that the program has moved from phase 1 (yes I will) to phase 2 (yes I do), Tompkins said, "This is new and it can be frightening, but if you take it one step at a time, you'll be fine."

He then went through the program step by step with attendees.

Among the points he made are that the eight deliverables which are part of the phase 2 self-assessment program give "teeth" to the process because they actually make the company show its conformance to the requirements of the standard.

The eight deliverables are:

1. A form used to record conditions of the vehicle during pre-inspection that note conditions that could jeopardize the retention system (Section 3.01);
2. A copy of its documented quality assurance standard from the urethane supplier (Section 4.010);
3. Written documentation that the urethane system being used meets OEM specifications or equivalent (Section 4.03);
4. The cover of the most current training manual provided by the urethane manufacturer or private labeler (Section 4.04);
5. A copy of the drive-away-time chart provided by the urethane manufacturer or private labeler (Section 5.03);
6. A record used to notify the owner/operator of the vehicle specified time for safe operation (Section 5.04);
7. A record used to trace the lot numbers of the adhesive system and glass parts to the job (Section 5.07);
8. A copy of the training certificate that signifies merits of safe auto glass installation training received by the technicians (Section 8.02).

Tompkins called State Farm requirement of AGRSS in its new Offer and Acceptance program "a great precedent for other insurers' to follow."

In a session on using AGRSS resources, AGRR Magazine's Debra Levy, AGRSS marketing committee chairperson, provided information about the marketing materials, Web resources, speakers' bureau and other programs available to registered companies.

She pointed out that brochures will soon be available on safe drive-away times, finding unsafe conditions in windshields, and what being a registered AGRSS company means.

Levy also said that AGRSS is looking to launch a consumer marketing program and will start with a pilot program in one or two mid-sized cities.

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