Allstate Sets Timetable for METRYX Compliance

Allstate Insurance company has set a date for members of its Allstate Glass Claim Express (GCE) program to have their information updated and correct with the METRYX system offered by LYNX. According to a letter that has gone out to glass shops, the insurance company will move to complete usage of the METRYX system starting October 19, 2005. The text of the letter, as it was received by several glassBYTES readers, can be found below. More details to follow as they become available.

The letter, sent to glass shops participating in Allstate's GCE, received the following letter, printed on Allstate letterhead:

Carla Holmes
Manager, National Glass Program
Subject: New Glass Claim Express Participant Agreement

Allstate is pleased to announce changes effective October 19, 2005 to the Allstate Glass Claim Express program that are designed to provide GCE participant glass service providers with tools to more effectively manage their services offering to Allstate and Allstate policyholders. These changes do not in any way alter the intent of the GCE program, which is to deliver outstanding quality and superior service to Allstate policyholders and claimants with automotive glass repair and replacement needs. In this pursuit, Allstate invites participation by all glass service providers that uphold Allstate requirements for quality, professional credentials and competitive market pricing within the GCE program.

Allstate remains a leader in utilizing technology to improve service and create efficiencies for the company and for its trading partners. As described here and elsewhere in the GCE contract agreement, Allstate is implementing changes designed to be better equipped and allow GCE participating service providers to serve its policyholders. Thank you, in advance, for your continued participation in the Allstate Glass Claim Express program.

GCE Program Enrollment
All glass service providers that commit to the quality, customer service, and competitive requirements of the GCE program are welcome to participate. As an existing GCE participant company, you need only update your company profile on the METRYX™ industry services registry and indicate your agreement to the terms of the participant agreement. New applicants to the program are asked to complete and submit a new application via the METRYX industry service registry.

Hosted by LYNX Services, Allstate's contracted GCE program administrator, the METRYX industry service registry enables glass service providers to promote to Allstate and our policyholders a full range of capabilities in addition to competitive pricing. Under the new program, GCE participants will be able to customize their service area(s), hours of operation, services offering, professional credentials and capabilities.

Access to the METRYX industry services registry is available through the METRYX tab on the LYNX services website at Revising your company's profile and completing your GCE contract update requires authentication of your specified company owner/officer via a secured password and ID obtained via the LYNX website.

GCE Program Changes
The GCE program, including pricing, remains available to all qualified glass service providers. Pricing will be provided for each pricing territory by Allstate. Through METRYX, GCE service providers will be able to specify the service area for each of their service centers. The pricing that applies to a given service area will be determined by the pricing territories that comprise the service area, as detailed in the GCE agreement. The pricing of that service area will apply to all auto glass repair or replacement work performed for Allstate customers in that service area.

In addition, Allstate is supportive of methodology that will allow service providers to report their unique capabilities and business credentials. We look to all GCE service providers to record their verifiable capabilities and service capacity via METRYX.

Another change enabled through this initiative is improved quality and efficiency of communications and administration of the GCE program through the use of electronic tools. Therefore, the new GCE agreement is available only through the Internet. It is to be completed and submitted to Allstate electronically via the METRYX registry. We have also introduced provisions to promote utilization of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to help reduce cycle time and speed payments to GCE participants.

To assist you in this implementation, all current company profile information on hand regarding your GCE participation, including service centers and services offered, will be uploaded to the METRYX industry services registry. New applications to the program will also find their current company profile on the registry. To extend your GCE participation under the new GCE Agreement starting October 19 2005, simply update your company's profile and fill out the new GCE agreement and submit it to Allstate via the industry services registry. Your enrollment will be acknowledged electronically upon acceptance of your completed agreement.

The policyholder has the right to choose the glass repair or replacement provider who will complete the repairs. If the policyholder requests assistance, the LYNX Services representative will suggest the name of service providers who have completed the GCE agreement and adhere to its terms and conditions and that provide service in the ZIP code where the policy holder has requested service.

Once a glass service provider is selected by the policyholder, the LYNX Services representative will assist the policyholder in making contact and setting an appointment. LYNX will confirm details of the claim via dispatch fax or electronic notification to the service provider's business management system. Upon receipt of a complete invoice, LYNX Services will process the claim and payment will be made under terms of the GCE agreement.

All Allstate glass claims are to be submitted via LYNX Services. Invoices will be reviewed according to the terms of the GCE agreement, and payment issued by Allstate to LYNX Services. LYNX Services will promptly pay the glass service provider.

LYNX will issue federal 1099 and other required financial reporting to represent all payments from Allstate made under this program.

The GCE program will continue under the current GCE agreement through October 18, 2005. The new GCE agreement will become effective on October 19, 2005.

Please visit the METRYX website beginning now to update your company's profile and transmit acceptance of the new Glass Claim Express agreement to Allstate.

Thank you,

Carla Holmes

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