Allstate Form Letter Raises Concern about Information Sharing

The following form letter was forwarded to glassBYTEs™ by a retail glass shop owner who expressed concern about the appearance it gives that LYNX "has no problem with passing on glass shop information."

Date: July 29, 2005

To: Glass Claim Express Participants


Allstate Insurance Company is one of the top providers of commercial auto insurance for the type of vehicles used in your business. Your commercial vehicles are an integral part of your business. That's why it's important to protect them with quality insurance from a reliable company.

Through your association with LYNX Services and Allstate Insurance Company, you are recognized as part of a selected glass contractor group who could benefit from competitive rates, responsive claim handling, and flexible billing plans. We would like to offer you the opportunity to review a quote for your vehicles; with no obligation or negative impact on any relationship you may have as a preferred glass service provider for Allstate.

Please call us toll free at 1-866-998-4788 for more information and to be connected with a participating Allstate Agent who can help you review your commercial vehicle protection needs.

Thank you for your continued participation in Glass Claim Express and your dedicated service to our policyholders.


Carla Holmes
Manager, National Glass Program

Asked for LYNX's privacy policy on client information, Chris Umble, vice president, strategic initiatives for LYNX Services, provided the following response:

In answer to your question, Allstate's Glass Claim Express Program is operated through contracts that thousands of auto glass retail service providers hold directly with Allstate. The database of contracted Allstate GCE participants is the property of Allstate Insurance. If there is a letter, as your question indicates, from Allstate directed to GCE participants offering to provide insurance for their company vehicles, such a letter was created and distributed by Allstate on its own initiative.

I had not seen the letter. Any confusion it causes is regrettable.

With respect to the question as to LYNX Service's policy on sharing information located in its system, information maintained on the industry services registry will be used directly and solely for the purpose of assisting customers with glass repair and replacement needs. In that pursuit, as we have reported on many occasions, portions of the information will be used under terms of confidentiality to confirm the accuracy of data. For example, AGRSS and NGA will be verifying the list of companies and technicians that claim to be AGRSS registered and/or NGA certified. The information under the stewardship of LYNX Services will not be sold or provided to third parties for use in solicitation or any other purpose.

The information management that we've had in place in the past will be carried forward. There is really no change except with the validation steps that we have mentioned.

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