Flourinated Resin Recycling Technology Developed

Tokyo-based Asahi Glass Co., and Nittetsu Chemical Engineering have created what Asahi is caling the "first practical application technology for breaking down and recycling used flourinated resin," allowing for the reuse of the material.

Accordingo to Asahi, it will collect the fluorinated resin left over from the manufacturing processes and expand the scale of the decomposiiton/recycling plant operation currently slated to be started at its Asahi Glass Chiba Plant in Ichihara, Japan. The plant is expected to be operational by June.

Asahi has been studying technology for recycling used flourinated resin since 2001, a company statement said, and have successfully developed materials for decompistion equipment with Nittetsu Chemical Engineernig. Asahi further said that other alternatives related to the recylcing technology include the reuse of chlorflourcarbons emitted from electric home appliance manufacturing plants and glass bulbs for cathode ray tubes (CRTs), as ewll as the development of recycling and collecitng systems for automotive glass.

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