Bartelstone Announces It Won't Use Rebalanced NAGS

Bartelstone Glass of Belleville, N.J., has issued a letter to customers today, joining the ranks of industry members not adopting the National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) Rebalancing numbers. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Bartelstone Glass Customers,

The new NAGS rebalancing plan is scheduled to go into effect on February 28, 2005. We are aware that our customers are busy responding to the many varied offers that are being made by insurance companies. We have also noticed that the February 28 Calculator will work in the retail trade as a revenue neutral exchange. We understand that some parts will be lower than previously charged to the insurance industry, however there are also many parts that have increased in price. Thus, the total weighted average for most shops is a few dollars higher.

As an independent wholesaler we cannot understand the methodology of this new NAGS rebalancing pricing as related to the September and previous NAGS calculators. There is no common number that can be used for a conversion because the spread of the discounts would be harmful to both Bartelstone and you, the retailer.

Therefore, Bartelstone Glass Distributors has decided at the present time, to continue the same discounts using the current NAGS Calculator effective September 6, 2004 and our current Bartelstone addendum that is in place. We will NOT be making a transition to the proposed NAGS 2005 Winter Benchmark Calculator effective February 28, 2005. We will however, update our prices for the 975 parts that are on the February calculator but were not on the September Calculator, as well as add any prices for part numbers issued since the publication of the September calculator.

We will continue looking for the right pricing tool to use in this ever-changing industry, but in light of the market uncertainty, we feel the best action at this time is to continue your current costs for auto glass replacement parts. Changes will not be made without informing you.

As an independent wholesale only distributor, we pride our selves in being your supplier and never your competitor.


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