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New BETASEAL™ 0°ne Clear EZKit: "Everything You Need For A Good Day's Work"

Dow Automotive is marketing a complete kit for automotive replacement glass installers containing all the adhesive, primer, cleaner and other supplies needed for eight windshield replacements.

"This kit allows an installer to go into the field and do a full day's work out of one boxed kit," said Bernie Defreitas, Dow Automotive product market manager for North American glass and plastic bonding, small packaging. "Also, each kit has a single lot number for all its contents, to make job tracking and AGRSS compliance easy, and all the contents have the same expiration date to eliminate waste."

He added that the kit concept can significantly reduce installers' inventory costs and simplify inventory control.

"The key to making the kit concept work is a single adhesive, BETASEAL 0°ne, that works at any temperature above zero degrees Fahrenheit [-17.8°C]. It's an FMVSS 212 crash-proven adhesive with one-hour safe drive-away time," Defreitas said.

He added that the kit includes an exciting new glass/frit primer, BETAPRIME™ CLEAR. "We have field tested this kit with many installers. They told us they wanted primer in applicator sticks that did not require shaking and were clearly marked for ease of use. That's how we're packaging BETAPRIME CLEAR, color coded for easy identification."

The kit includes 12 BETASEAL 0°ne cartridges, eight BETAPRIME™ CLEAR applicators, plus the following:

  • One can of BETACLEAN™ GC-800 Glass and Surface Cleaner

  • One can of BETAPRIME 5404A Pinchweld and Encapsulation Primer

  • 12 nozzles, six cut and six uncut

  • 10 daubers

  • 16 master lot number stickers

  • One tooling paddle

  • 10 instructional mirror tags

  • Installation guide

"We have field tested this kit with installers extensively, and used their feedback to perfect it," said Defreitas. "We've proved that it helps installers be more productive in the shop and in the field, while simplifying recordkeeping and inventory management."

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