Connecticut Board Tables Discussion Regarding Proposed Licensing and Windshield Repair Limitations
An AGRR Magazine Exclusive
by Brigid O'Leary

Despite raucous fighting and an absent chairperson, the Connecticut Licensing Board decided to table discussion regarding the proposed draft of new license types for windshield repair work pending discussion by its auto glass subcommittee.

In a meeting before the Connecticut automotive glass work and flat glass work board today, more than 20 people representing different aspects of the auto glass repair and replacement industries gathered to watch, listen and respond to conversations revolving around licensing of auto glass repair workers in the state.

Response was vocal and frequent. In the absence of chairperson Edward Fusco, public representative to the board Mary Grabowski, acted as chairperson and was forced to call the room to order on several occasions. At one point, there were concerns that members of the audience were going to come to blows.

Fighting aside, the board’s decision was to table discussion regarding the proposed draft of new license types for automotive glass repair work pending further discussion by the auto glass subcommittee.

Starting 30 minutes later than scheduled, Richard Campfield presented information regarding windshield crack repair on damages six inches or longer before the board. He advised the group to beware of “swimming in anti-trust waters” because the board was comprised of no members who solely focus on windshield repair.

This observation was not lost on the audience, many of whom accused the board of being biased against the repair industry. Dave Taylor, of the NWRA, also questioned the board.

“I am surprised that Connecticut is trying to tell people how to do their job,” said Taylor. “When you license a physician you don’t tell a heart surgeon how to do heart surgery. You’re making a big issue out of something simple.”

Acting chairperson Grabowski had to reprimand the auto glass subcommittee because it had held a meeting without informing all of the members. Another meeting was requested and it was set to be made publicly known as well as to ensure all members were invited.

Jim Pitchell retired from Hartford Connecticut Auto Dealers, said “Frankly I’m concerned about the outcome of this meeting. It smells. I plan to go to the Hartford Currant and let them know,” to which he made a prompt exit.

Dave Taylor is calling for the resignation of the auto glass members of the board. To which one member responded, “I’m won’t resign” [You’d have to remove me.]

The tabled discussion will be revisited when the board holds its next meeting on April 23, 2004.

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