Windshield Reportedly Separates from Ford Explorer in Michigan Crash
July 13, 2011

A 1993 Ford Explorer was involved in a single-car crash in which the windshield allegedly separated from the vehicle on July 11 in Mt. Pleasant, Mich.

According to a statement from the Isabella County (Mich.) Sheriff’s Office, the 19-year-old male driver, Jordan Driver, tried to slow down when he saw a line of ducks crossing the roadway, swerved, and lost control. The vehicle went off the roadway onto the opposite lane and went into a ditch, causing it to overturn at least twice, according to police. While Driver was wearing his seatbelt and remained in the vehicle, sustained minor injuries, his passenger, an 18-year-old female, Gwinan Weber, was unbelted and was ejected from the vehicle. She was flown to a Grand Rapids, Mich., hospital with a skull fracture.

Police believe Driver was speeding, according to the statement from the police.

While the official police statement does not contain details on the state of the vehicle after the crash, a local paper has reported that the car ended up “in the middle of the road, right side up, with no windshield, several blown out windows, a flat rear driver side tire and a damaged running board.”

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