Windshield Repair Company Named in Wrongful Death Suit

A windshield repair company that did a repair on a rental car later involved in a rollover accident is one of several defendants named in a wrongful death lawsuit in Los Angeles Central District Court in California. The case, Jeffers versus General Motors, alleges that the General Motors' Tahoe is the product of faulty workmanship and that GM, Enterprise car rental agency and a windshield repair shop are liable for a death that occurred when a rented Tahoe was involved in a roll-over accident, crushing its occupants, killing one and injuring another.

The windshield repair company denies the accusations of negligence; according to court papers, alleging that there is insufficient evidence to hold it liable; that the statute of limitations holding it responsible has run out and the court venue is improper and that the damages claimed against the company are speculative.

Further, the windshield repair company denies responsibility for any injuries that resulted from the rollover, stating that the actions-and non-actions-of others caused or contributed to the chain of events that resulted in the injuries and damages claimed in the suit. As far as the repair company is concerned, the accident was unavoidable and had nothing to do with any windshield repairs. The case is expected to settle.

The owner of the windshield repair company declined to comment on the advice of his attorney.
For more information see the July-August issue of AGRR.

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