Redefining "De-Icing": New Windshield Wiper Personalized Heater on Market

Some new-model cars such as the Saab 9-2X and Toyota Sienna XLE Limited minivan are coming equipped with personal heaters for the windshield wipers, preventing them from freezing to the windshields.

Recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal, the system keeps the heat located at the bottom inch and a half of the windshield, so that users no longer have to physically detach the wiper from the glass or strain the wiper motor to do so. The article did mention a downside: the device is available as a part of a package that warms up some vehicle parts only (though it comes standard on some high-end vehicles or those with large windshields).

On the Saab, the device comes as part of the cold-weather package, which runs consumers $600, and on the Sienna LE and XLE it can set consumers back $1,700 to $5,600, though Highlander owners can purchase a cold-weather option package that includes only the wiper de-icer and heated mirrors for $60, according to the newspaper.

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