How Will Today’s Election Affect Auto Glass Shops?
November 6, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

In one of the most hotly contested elections in recent history, auto glass shop owners in several key battleground states react to how they think today’s election will affect the auto glass industry. Similar to the majority of national polls, shop owners are gridlocked in who they think will win. The many shop owners hold differing views on how each of the candidates will affect both small business and the auto industry.

The small business owners offered vastly differing opinions on which will be the most favorable election result.

“I think we face universal industry situations,” says Joey Smiley, owner of Certified Glass Services in North Chesterfield, Va. “If Romney wins, I think regulations will be relaxed and tax burdens will be lightened. If Obama wins I think taxes will go up and regulations will be more stringent.”

Some shop owners believes a Romney presidency will have the opposite effect, reducing the productivity of glass shops.

“If Romney is elected we’ll see less lending from the banks to small business, with Obama we’ll see more,” says David Casey, president of SuperGlass Windshield Repair of Orlando, Fla. “I also think the momentum with the job creation is on the upward swing. I think Romney is a big question mark. Overall there will be more lending to small business glass shops with an Obama administration. Additionally, I don’t see the health insurance affecting most auto glass shops because they don’t have 50 employees.”

Patrick Bruno, owner of American Windshield in Cincinnati, argues that a question mark may be more promising than the status quo.

“I think if it goes the way it’s been the last four years it’s going to be a lot of shops closing,” he says. “Businesses have taken a big hit and if we go the same direction it’s just going to pound us.”

“It’s going to be awfully close; here in Ohio they’ve got [the candidates] dead even but I think it’s actually leaning Romney,” continues Bruno. “[Pollsters] are only polling the big cities but we have a lot of smaller towns that are pulling in his direction. It’s a crucial election; I think we’re going to see the greatest voter turnout ever.”

Neil Duffy, owner of Auto Glass Menders in San Jose, Calif., predicts, “I believe Obama is going to end up winning; I think Romney isn’t going to win the Electoral College. He may possibly win the popular vote, but Obama will win the Electoral College.”

Duffy notes the importance of the major industries in Ohio as affecting the outcome for that particular state.

“In Ohio you have the auto industry in the north and the coal industry in the south and we’ll have to see which industry pulls the election,” says Duffy.

Energy was another issue Duffy saw impacting business for auto glass shops.

“If gas prices are low, more people are driving,” he adds. “If more people are driving, people will break more windshields.”

What do you think will be the result of today’s election?

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