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Watch the Fax: Glass Scam Reaching All Forms of Communication

With the New Year apparently came a new twist on the glass scam that has plagued the industry since last August. Upon arriving at work this morning, Russell Poore with Justice Shamrock Glass in Lexington, Ky., found himself the recipient of a fax addressed to "The Boss" from one John Williams, requesting the price on 40 pieces of 30 x 30 quarter-inch, clear, tempered glass.

The originator of the fax requested the "total price without the freight charges plus the form of payment method you do accept." Though providing no information on where the glass would be sent, a mailing address in New York was provided as part of the original "signature" on the fax, along with a phone number and the appearance of an email address.

Prior to the New Year holiday, some readers who had received the scam phone calls reported that the callers were becoming more "impatient," pressing for a price quote right away. A new way of making contact with a company, the fax method - like the email method - allows shops more time to analyze the request than an on-the-spot phone call would.

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