Utah Windshield Repair Shop Owner to Pay $1,500 to State Related to Fraud Charges
June 10, 2011

A Utah windshield repair shop owner who was charged with identity fraud and fraudulent insurance acts in April has agreed to pay $549.33 to the state’s insurance fraud division, along with $1,000 restitution to the state for the costs of the investigation, according to a representative of the 2nd District Court-Farmington Department. Cody DeWayne Jacobsen, owner of Redd’s Shell Quick Lube, agreed to the payments as part of a plea in advance, which, according to state representatives, is a type of plea bargain.

Jacobsen also agreed to complete 40 hours community service.

The state claimed that Jacobsen “fraudulently obtain[ed] windshield repair authorizations under his clients’ insurance policies.” Court documents specify that Jacobsen allegedly “obtained insurance information from the client’s insurance card, then called the insurance carrier, claiming to be the policy owner, and asked for authorization to fix a crack or chip in the windshield.”

According to court documents, Jacobsen admitted to contacting Farmers Insurance when interview by Utah Department of Insurance investigators, but claimed it was his way of providing “customer service” to his customers. However, the state alleges that the customers involved had no knowledge of the glass claims Jacobsen had allegedly reported.

Jacobsen originally pleaded not guilty to the charges, but accepted the plea in advance during a recent preliminary hearing. The state will review the case again in 24 months.

Jacobsen could not be reached for comment at press time.

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