GEICO Issues O&A Letter

GEICO has issued its O&A letter to participating glass shops. The company faxed out the letters earlier this week. The following is a copy of the letter sent to Rate D and E shops. To comment on the GEICO O&A, click HERE

Dear Participant,

On February 28, 2005, National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS), the organization responsible for establishing benchmark retail list prices for the auto glass replacement industry, will update its current list prices. The NAGS list price change and the rates below will be effective for work performed on or after February 28, 2005. Please take note of the price change within the part, labor and kit components of the invoice.

GEICO has established the following rates for shops in your area:

NAGS Windshield: 13.0% Above (+) NAGS List
NAGS Tempered: 13.0% Above (+) NAGS List
Labor: $40.00 Flat
PLUS: $30.00 Per NAGS Hour
High Modulus/
Non-Conductive Urethane $65.00 1.0 Kit
$95.00 1.5 Kit
$125.00 2.0 Kit
All other urethanes: $15.00 per NAGS kit quantity

Windshield Repairs: $49.95 +$10 For each additional break
Maximum of 3 repairs total

The prices above supersede any prior pricing for GEICO. All invoices should be billed to GEICO at the following address:

PO Box 182276
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2276

If you send your invoice via EDI, please use mailbox SAFL107 and program ID 09043.

Contract Management
Fax: 614-210-9504 Rate D&E

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