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Glass Prices Go Up

Both Pilkington and PPG have raised the price of their auto glass 3.5 percent recently.

PPG set off the price increase with a letter from Lisa M. Detwiler, director business development, on September 20.

"Escalating costs continue to burden the auto glass industry. While PPG Auto Glass remains committed to reducing our operating costs where possible, we are unable to absorb the cost increases from our suppliers without an increase in our own price. Therefore, effective October 9, 2006 PPG Auto Glass will implement a 3.5 percent price increase across all glass units," the letter read. (CLICK HERE to read the letter in its entirety.)

Pilkington followed with a letter a day later, putting the higher price into effect on October 9 as well.

In his letter to wholesale customers, William A. George, director-marketing for Columbus, Ohio-based Pilkington pointed out that the cost drivers for the industry, which includes raw materials, energy, transportation, health care and overall labor costs, continue to encumber the market. "These energy and other costs are impacting our entire industry," the letter stated.

"As Pilkington continually endeavors to improve our product and services while remaining competitive and affordable, we are no longer able to fully absorb these increasing costs and must seek to recover some part. As a result, Pilkington will initiate a general price increase of 3.5 percent on all automotive glass parts, to be effective October 9th, 2006."

As a footnote, he added, "We hope the basis of these additional costs, which are affecting consumers and us in North America, will abate as soon as possible."

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