Happy Halloween!
Graphic designer Chris Bunn Voted "Company Favorite" in Key Communications Halloween Contest

The second annual Halloween Costume Contest was held today at Key Communications Inc., publishers of AGRR magazine, and, almost the entire office staff arrived in costume.

Graphic designer Chris Bunn won for "Company Favorite," dressed as Japanese swordsman, complete with bo ken (practice sword) and geta (special shoes). The award for "Most Authentic/Realistic" went to art director Brenda Cabrera who was dressed as Lucille Ball. Customer service assistant Pam Marth, dressed as mold (in honor of the new Key Communications publication Mold and Moisture Management magazine), walked away with the award for the "Most Creative."

Other honorable mentions include events promotions manager Hayley Steele who came as a member of the press, marketing director Holly Biller, dressed as Catherine Howard (Henry VIII's 5th wife, not the former National Auto Glass Specification's spokesperson), customer service manager Janeen Mulligan, who dressed as a black cat, AGRR editor Brigid O'Leary, dressed as KISS frontman, Gene Simmons, USGlass editor Ellen Chilcoat dressed as a queen bee, editorial assistant Megan Headley, dressed as Clint Eastwood, graphic designer Dawn Campbell, this year's butterfly, managing editor Kim White, dressed as a carrot and production manager James Roberts, who came as Clark Kent.

Key Communications Staff
Most Creative
Pam Marth/Mold
Office Favorite
Chris Bunn/Oriental Swordsman
Most Authentic/Realistic
Brenda Cabrera/Lucille Ball
Hayley Steele/Reporter Holly Biller/Catherine Howard
(Henry VIII's 5th Wife)
Janeen Mulligan/Black Cat
Brigid O'Leary/Gene Simmons Ellen Chilcoat/Queen Bee Megan Headley/Clint Eastwood
Dawn Campbell/Butterfly James Roberts/Clark Kent

Happy Halloween!

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