Happy Halloween! Your Vote Needed to Determine This Year's Winner of the AGRR/USGlass Magazine Staff Costume Contest

The third annual Key Communications Inc. Halloween Costume Contest was held on Friday, October 28, 2005, but the decision of who wins the contest is in your hands. Many staffers of Key Communications Inc., publisher of AGRR and USGlass magazines, and the associated e-mail newsletters glassBYTES and USGNN, arrived to work in costume and it's up to our readers to select who will win an extra week of vacation in 2006.

The contenders are:
Graphic designer Chris Bunn, who came as Shaggy from the original Scooby Doo cartoons was found scarfing down Scooby Snacks throughout the day;

The cuddly sock monkey is graphic designer Dawn Campbell, who is pictured cuddling with her own sock monkey;

USGlass editor Ellen Giard Chilcoat came as another famous publisher, also known as Federal Inmate 55170-054, also known as Martha Stewart and even brought in Halloween-themed cookies;

Megan Headley, editor of Mold and Moisture Management magazine and contributing editor to both USGlass and AGRR magazines, spun her web as the friendly spider. The spider legs on her costume were rigged to move in unison with Headley's arms;

Though she's not to be confused with Webmaster Bryan Hovey, who turned heads masquerading as a parochial schoolgirl. When asked what his kids said about his costume, Hovey said "I put it on while they were asleep;"

Flashing a peace sign is publisher and Key Communications president, Debra Levy, our resident Flower Child who spreads a message of groovitude throughout the office on a regular day;

And the lovely Juliet, as portrayed by Janeen Mulligan, customer relations manager, is a modern-day woman who keeps the office running smoothly;

Brigid O'Leary, editor of WINDOW FILM magazine and contributing editor to AGRR magazine, came spreading the news as the resident "Newsie;"

The magical Harry Potter, as interpreted by advertising assistant James Roberts, took pity on the muggles challenge anyone to quiddich;

The Franciscan Monk, Brother Patrick, known in real-life as Patrick Smith, marketing manager, provided serenity and quietude for those who needed refuge;

While Ms. Ellie Mae Clampett, otherwise known as advertising coordinator Penny Stacey (nee Beverage) maintained her essence of homespun beauty; and

Maureen Tyree, customer service assistant, who came dressed as a "haus frau," in curlers, slippers and all-with baby in tow.

Cast your vote for your favorite AGRR/glassBYTES (USG/USGNN) staff member. The staff member with the most votes will receive an extra week of vacation in 2006. The person with the second most number of votes receives two extra days vacation and the person with the third most number of votes gets an extra day off next year. (Deb Levy has declined eligibility to win the contest.) Voting closes at 8 p.m. Eastern standard time on Tuesday, November 1. The winner will be announced on the glassBYTES.com and USGNN.com newsletters on Wednesday, November 2.
Happy Halloween!

Got any Halloween pictures from your office? Send them to us at bhovey@glass.com.

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