Separating the Wheat from the Chaff


December 20, 2005
by Marc Anderson

"The List" is the list of glass shops which send us a letter saying that as a business practice they do not bill back their customers for short pays and whose invoice language does not contradict that policy statement.

An anti steering lawsuit which seeks to stop Safelite from steering your customers by telling them that, "...they may have out of pocket expenses..." must be able to prove that Safelite knows it is misrepresenting your business practices when they say that. Safelite's defense is that some shops do bill the customer for the short pay and how could Safelite know which shops do and which don't? We eliminate that defense by telling Safelite which shops do and which shops don't.

The IGA was dismissed as a plaintiff because not everyone changed their invoice language to be consistent with their policy statement. The suit will be refilled. There are dozens of auto glass shops around the country which shops are currently organizing themselves to be plaintiffs.

In order to benefit from this lawsuit, you will need to be on "The List" because that is the only way to eliminate Safelite's justification for telling your customers they may have out of pocket expenses. Loophole closed. At this point Safelite would know they are lying to your customers if they use that script.

If there is a favorable ruling or settlement, it will protect shops which are on The List.

If you are already on "The List" you need to mail or fax us a copy of an invoice to prove your invoice language is correct and does not undermine The List. If you are not on the list but are an IGA member, we will process your submission to get on The List for $39. If you are not an IGA member, the processing fee is $189. Yes, it's a lot for processing, but obviously we are using the fee to help pay for the lawsuit. If you want to benefit from the lawsuit, it is only fair that everyone pay their fair share. IGA membership is only $295. Pony up the extra $110 to be a full member, receive all member benefits and know you have done your bit. If this stops even a few instances of steering, your membership has been covered.

Either reprint your invoices or attach a sticker to your existing invoice. Here is some sample language which will protect you while still meeting the conditions of being on the list:


Replacement of the glass in my automobile has been done to my satisfaction and I hereby authorize and direct my insurance company to pay this invoice directly to (your company) and to release policy, coverage and other information to (your company). I assign any and all claims in connection with this automobile glass installation against my insurance company and all policy proceeds due for this installation to (your company). I agree that if my insurance company should ignore this directive to pay and the assignment of the policy proceeds and issues payment to me that I will immediately forward payment to (your company) by either endorsing the check that I receive to (your company) or paying an amount equal to what I receive. I agree to pay my deductible, if any, myself. If I do not have coverage, I will make payment for the installation myself."

The best way to support the IGA and our anti steering campaign is to come to the IGA Conference March 2nd and 3rd in Las Vegas. Air fare is cheap. Rooms are only $89. The value of the conference is well beyond the cost of attending. Check our web site or for more details.


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