Carl Jolliff Honored Upon His Retirement from IGA Board of Directors

(source: IGA press release)

The IGA's founding father, Carl Jolliff of Jolliff Glass in Peoria, Ill., has announced his official retirement from the association's board of directions, effective immediately.

"Carl Jolliff has served independent auto glass shops tirelessly for years, and we wish to honor him as he retires from this board. We will miss his wisdom and energy as we continue to seek to solve the problems plaguing our industry," said Kurt Muller IGA president.

The IGA board of directors has prepared a plaque which is will be given to Carl to commemorate and honor his service to the industry.

"We are greatly saddened to see Carl retire," said co- director Marc Anderson, "Carl was one of the industry leaders who were instrumental in the formation of the IGA. He was also the impetus behind the formation of what eventually became the AGRSS Standard. Carl Jolliff has served independent auto glass shops tirelessly for years."

Muller said Jolliff will be honored with a presentation at an upcoming meeting. "I know he wants more relaxed life, but we will miss him," he added.

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