Mixed Opinion on Lawsuit

Postings on the AGRR Magazine Message Forum have been mixed since the judge's latest ruling on the IGA v. Safelite lawsuit.

While the association's action and the judge's findings have been happily received by supporters ("The lawsuit is set to proceed. Send your money; we have to win this lawsuit and get the industry back into OUR hands," said Owner.); others had an opposite reaction ("I think I speak for a lot of independents who feel that the funds raised for the lawsuit were wasted. From what I hear, the money is gone and Stinklite hasn't even had to actually answer the allegations. My margins are thin enough as it is without dumping good money after bad," posted Dave.)

NC Glass Shop made this observation, "Looks to me like the IGA got its clock cleaned on the important issues. Maybe we should all go to work for Wal-Mart." While Clyde Stephens, Visions Glass Repair & Replacement in Perham, Minn., expressed a different opinion. "I am quite disappointed that some very important issues were dismissed. But I also am very optimistic that if enough shops will get involved to the best of their ability, we can make a huge difference in the outcome of this suit. I believe the ;guts; of this is all about steering. It's not just SGC but all of the third part administrators that are controlling the work. A lot of shops are starting to record all contacts with the insurance companies and especially TPAs. This is the time for the shops to step forward and be heard, and also to prove what has been going on in the auto glass industry. I cannot understand why we independents can't put our differences aside and start standing on our common ground as a foundation for unity."

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