Pierick Leaving Binswanger Glass, Moving into the Insurance Industry

Steve Pierick, executive director sales and marketing of Binswanger Glass, has turned in his resignation, bringing his 20-year career in the auto glass industry to an end. His last day with the company will be March 18, after which he will start training to go into business as a local State Farm agent in the county where he lives.

"Binswanger has been terrific and allowed me to commute," Pierick told AGRR magazine via telephone today. He travels from Wisconsin to Memphis "and all over the country" he said.

"I'm getting tired of flying Northwest," he laughed.

After more than a decade with Auto Glass Specialists and almost the same amount of time with Binswanger, Pierick-and his wife-made the decision that it was time to leave the glass industry. He then started researching the possibility of going into business for himself.

"I researched all kinds of businesses to buy, from delis to glass shops and got in with the State Farm buying process," he said.

So why State Farm?

"In the research, the systems, the support, the marketing and in particular the brand that State Farm offers-and income potential-were far greater than anything else I had researched," he explained. "I hope to retire with them."

Though he just gave notice yesterday, the word of his departure is making it around the industry quickly.

"I might as well have had the phone duct taped to my head. I've been on the phone eight hours in the last two days," he said. "I've had dozens of well wishes from everyone around here; there has been an out pouring of affection around here by which I've been humbled," he continued.

An active member of the AGRSS council, Pierick has made arrangements for Binswanger's representation with the council to continue, having transferred his role and responsibilities in that area to another Binswanger employee.

Though he's ready to leave the industry, Pierick recognizes what he will be missing.

"The industry has been good to me. I have lots of friends in the industry that I will miss," he said.

While working with State Farm might not keep him in continuous contact with some of his friends and colleagues in the industry, it will allow him to keep up with some of the big issues in the industry.

"Now that I'm leaving, I'd like the industry to know that they have the opportunity to put some margin back with the NAGS rebalancing. This is the third NAGS change I've seen. I think the industry messed up the first two times, especially with the cash market. It can't continue the way it's going. Hopefully more rational heads will prevail come next Monday," he said.

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