Connecticut Lets Licensing Stand

AGRR magazine today received a copy of a memo from the Automotive Glass Work and Flat Glass Work Examining Board in Connecticut. Addressed to all board members, the memo was sent by Robert M. Kuzmich, R. A., License and Applications Specialist and Glass Board administrator. The reference line reads: Decision from Commissioner regarding limited license for windshield repair work and the body of the memo instructs readers to an attachment.

The attachment, on letterhead bearing the state seal and issuing from the Department of Consumer Protection, reads as follows:

Edwin R. Rodriguez

July 26, 2004

Paul Syfko
National Windshield Repair Association
1251 Eisenhower Boulevard
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Dear Mr. Syfko,

      Please be advised that after a careful review of the issues and discussions with members of my staff, it appears that the current license structure in Connecticut is sufficient to cover both replacement and repair of windshields. Our licensing structure is designed to protect consumers by ensuring that only those highly skilled craftsmen in the state learn the entire scope of automotive glass work in order to obtain a license to perform work in this area. Further, due to the fact that there is limited research in this area of automotive glass work, the department will not promulgate regulations at this time.

      I thank you for your interest in this matter.



Edwin R. Rodriguez

Cc: Ronald Angelo, Deputy Commissioner
Richard Hurlburt, Director, Occupational and Professional Licensing Division
Elisa Nahas, Principal Attorney, Legal Division
Vanessa L. Ramierez, Legislative and Administrative Advisor

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