LYNX Services Announces New Pricing

LYNX Services, owned by PPG, has issued its new pricing structure based on the National Auto Glass Specifications® (NAGS) rebalancing scheduled to go into effect on February 28, 2005. According to a letter issued by LYNX and sent to member participants, the new pricing structure will include an "hourly service fee" based on the standard installation hours as determined by NAGS.

In the letter, they provide an example of how the new pricing structure will work using the following chart:

Example Pricing Territory A Territory B Territory C Territory D
Current Program        
Glass Program Discounts 62% off 62% off 50% off 42% off
Kit $20 Flat $20 flat $20 flat $20 flat
Labor $40 flat $40 flat $40 flat $40 flat
Program as of 2/28/05        
Glass Program Discounts 3% off 3% off 34% above 59% above
Kit $20 flat $20 flat $20 flat $20 flat
Labor/Service Fee ($/NAGS Hour) $35/hour $35/hour $35/hour $35/hour

To read the letter in its entirety, click here.
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